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Evaluation of Electron Beam Deflections across a Solenoid Using Weber-Ritz and Maxwell-Lorentz Electrodynamics
The deflection of charged particle beams by electric and/or magnetic fields is invariably based on the field centred approach associated with Maxwell-Lorentz and incorporated into the Lorentz forceExpand
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Investigating Electron Beam Deflections by a Long Straight Wire Carrying a Constant Current using Direct Action, Emission-based and Field Theory Approaches of Electrodynamics
Results are presented for the transverse de ection of an electron beam by a long, straight wire carrying direct current. The experimental de ections are compared with three calculation methods basedExpand
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The Physical Entity of Vector Potential in Electromagnetism
The scalar and vector potentials were introduced into electromagnetic physics in the second half of the nineteenth century. The chief aim was to use them as auxiliary mathematical quantities in orderExpand
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Modelling electromagnetic induction via accelerated electron motion
The two forms of electromagnetic induction are generally referred to as motional and transformer induction, and although these phenomena have been observed and discussed for well over 150 years,Expand
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A physical model for low-frequency electromagnetic induction in the near field based on direct interaction between transmitter and receiver electrons
A physical model of electromagnetic induction is developed which relates directly the forces between electrons in the transmitter and receiver windings of concentric coaxial finite coils in theExpand
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Accurately predicting electron beam deflections in fringing fields of a solenoid
Computer modelling is widely used in the design of scientific instrumentation for manipulating charged particles, for instance: to evaluate the behaviour of proposed designs, to determine the effectsExpand
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