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In distributed systems subject to random communication delays and component failures, atomic broadcast can be used to implement the abstraction of synchronous replicated storage, a distributed storage that displays the same contents at every correct processor as of any clock time. This paper presents a systematic derivation of a family of atomic broadcast(More)
Building on state-of-the-art techniques for forecasting future developments in technology, business, economics, and other areas of human endeavor, we describe a novel methodology for adaptive contingency planning at the strategic initiative level. Complementing normal business planning that uses a schedule based on predictions tied to dates in the future,(More)
This paper presents a technique developed to forecast workloads in a business process. Business processes such as the process of engaging on a service contract consist of multiple steps that are not necessarily sequential. There can also be multiple routes that work can take in transition. In order to forecast workloads at different steps of such business(More)
The goals of the RAPID environment are (1 ) to mate the programming of distributed protocols simp l e without restricting the protocol relevant choices of the programmer, (2) to provide encapsulation and reusability that are at least as powerful as those offered b y object oriented programming, and (3) to provide for different styles of programming that(More)
Recent studies have illustrated historical financial data could be used to predict future revenues and profits. Prediction models would be accurate when long-run data that traces back for multiple years is available. However, changes in service structures often result in alteration of the nomenclatures of the services, making the streams of financial(More)
This paper describes ways to connect ledger cost behavior of a service delivery project with cost estimations derived at the time of contractual agreement. The purpose of this connection is to improve the management of the service life cycle, providing long range forecasting of the profitability of various service offerings. We emphasize cost, but our(More)