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Macrophage/microglia (M phi) are the principal immune cells in the central nervous system (CNS) concomitant with inflammatory brain disease and play a significant role in the host defense against invading microorganisms. Astrocytes, as a significant component of the blood-brain barrier, behave as one of the immune effector cells in the CNS as well. However,(More)
This study examined age differences in performance of a complex information search and retrieval task by using a simulated real-world task typical of those performed by customer service representatives. The study also investigated the influence of task experience and the relationships between cognitive abilities and task performance. One hundred seventeen(More)
CONTEXT Alzheimer Disease (AD) is often diagnosed at a moderately advanced stage, even though its early detection has become increasingly important, because of the continuing development of treatments that may improve its outcome. OBJECTIVE To determine if a free memory screening program is associated with an earlier diagnosis of AD, compared with(More)
OBJECTIVE Important relationships exist between chronic psychiatric patients' symptoms of disorder and their readiness to be discharged from inpatient treatment. Behavioral rating scales can supplement clinical decision making by standardizing information about patients' functioning. The authors assessed whether two different behavioral measures described(More)
About one-third of HIV-infected people in the USA have a history of injection-drug use. Injecting drugs are a primary vector for HIV transmission. Drug and alcohol use are significant contributors to sexual transmission of the virus. In South Florida, urban injection-drug users (IDUs) represent a substantial population at risk for infection. Substance use(More)
This study reports results of a survey of 63 special education teachers in a 13-county area of Northwestern Ohio. Teachers were asked to describe reports they typically receive as to types of information provided in several sections of the report. Teachers were also asked to rate sections of the report according to how useful these were for several(More)