Ray Kemp

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BACKGROUND A randomised controlled trial was conducted in an acute treatment setting to examine the effectiveness of compliance therapy, a brief pragmatic intervention targeting treatment adherence in psychotic disorders, based on motivational interviewing and recent cognitive approaches to psychosis. METHOD Seventy-four patients with psychotic disorders(More)
  • R Kemp, A David
  • 1996
BACKGROUND A possible neuropsychological basis for poor insight in psychosis has been proposed. Consistent supporting evidence for this is lacking. METHOD Seventy-four consecutive acutely psychotic in-patients who were recruited for a randomised controlled trial of compliance therapy were given a battery of neuropsychological tests, along with a(More)
BACKGROUND Research on the subject of insight has been hampered by difficulties in definition and reliable measurement. METHODS We compared several rating scales to measure insight on a group of 33 psychotic patients as well as assessing patients' psychopathology, clinical characteristics and cognitive functioning. RESULTS Most currently used scales(More)
BACKGROUND Non-compliance rates with antipsychotic medication can be high, and the personal and societal costs are considerable. A new psychological intervention, compliance therapy seeks to improve compliance and patient outcomes and reduce treatment costs. METHOD A randomised controlled study examined the cost-effectiveness of compliance therapy(More)
A case of deliberate genital self-mutilation in a woman with familial schizophrenia is presented. Such behaviour, though well recognized in females with severe personality disorders, is extremely rare in female psychotics. The genital mutilation may be partially understood as a consequence of delusionally motivated action against a background of low(More)
A group of 29 patients with DSM-IIIR schizophrenia was studied during acute hospital admission to examine the relationship between changes in insight and positive and negative symptomatology in schizophrenia. On admission, insight scores were obtained using a modification of the SUMD (Amador et al., 1993), and of the degree of psychopathology using the(More)
Computer based educational systems are faced with an increasing range of challenges. The use of multimedia provides a number of technical and conceptual demands, the volume and nature of the material requires sophisticated knowledge representation techniques, and a continuously increasing level of interactivity between learner and system is desired. This(More)
Scopolamine usually is found to impair various aspects of human cognitive performance. Recently, however, a significant (though modest) improvement in verbal fluency has been reported following scopolamine hydrobromide (0.6 and 1.2 mg p.o.). This study replicated that effect, finding significantly better FAS letter fluency in contrast to poorer performance(More)
The appropriate use of multimedia is becoming increasingly important in computer teaching systems. Not only are students stimulated by being presented with information in a variety of forms, but such an approach also more closely resembles the real world where they have to assimilate what they see and hear, abstracting out what is relevant. With the(More)