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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Evaluation of health information systems (HIS) enables the assessment of the extent to which HIS are fulfilling their objectives in supporting the services of healthcare delivery. This paper presents an overview of evaluation in health informatics and information systems. METHODS Literature review on discourses, dimensions and(More)
Nowadays the size and complexity of models is growing more and more, forcing modelers to face some problems that they were not accustomed to. Before trying to study ways to deal with complex models, a more important and primary question to explore is, is there any means to avoid the generation of complex models? The primary purpose of this paper is to(More)
The evaluation of Health Information Systems (HIS) is crucial to ensure their effective implementation and positive impact on healthcare delivery. A review of HIS evaluation studies was carried out which indicated that the improvement of current methods is required. In order to satisfy this requirement, a new framework is introduced for the evaluation of(More)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were introduced into companies to solve various organisational problems, and to provide an integrated infrastructure. Although ERP packages offer advantages to enterprises, they have not achieved many of their anticipated benefits. Autonomous and heterogeneous applications co-exist in companies with ERP systems and(More)
European Journal of Information Systems (2007) 16, 193–195. doi:10.1057/palgrave.ejis.3000681 In this editorial, I am going to discuss the challenges as I see them to Information Systems (IS). The European Journal of Information Systems has decided to publish a debate on these challenges, starting in its next issue when Richard Baskerville (incoming(More)
In simulation software selection problems, packages are evaluated either on their own merits or in comparison with other packages. In either method, a comprehensive list of criteria for evaluation of simulation software is essential for proper selection. Although various simulation software evaluation checklists do exist, there are di€erences in the lists(More)