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OBJECTIVE Among babies born at term, intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) predicts adult hypertension and hyperglycaemia. This might be due to elevated circulating glucocorticoids in adulthood, as described in animal models and in several cohorts of men who were low birthweight at term. Recently, we found that premature low birthweight babies also have(More)
OBJECTIVES The associations between hypertension, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance are poorly understood. Altered microvascular structure and function could contribute by increasing peripheral vascular resistance and decreasing tissue delivery of glucose. We addressed this hypothesis in a sample of healthy men. METHODS We studied 105 healthy(More)
Endothelin-1, released from the vascular endothelium after cleavage from big endothelin-1, is a potent paracrine vasoconstrictor peptide. Small studies suggest that circulating levels of endothelin-1 are elevated in subjects with cardiovascular risk factors. Big endothelin-1 levels may better reflect endothelin-1 generation. We examined relationships(More)
Both GH deficiency and excess are associated with cardiovascular disease. The mechanisms are unclear, but direct effects of GH in the vessel wall may be important. Previous reports suggest that GH enhances endothelium-dependent vasodilatation and alters large artery structure. Here we report a detailed assessment of large artery and microvascular structure(More)
We thank all the general practitioners who allowed us to study their patients and who contacted them for the purpose of this study; Professors Ley Sander and Simon Shorvon, who allowed us to cooperate with some of the practices participating in the linkage scheme between the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London and several surrounding(More)
To determine the number of patients fulfilling recently issued national guidelines on the use of ICDs in patients with arrhythmias, the authors undertook two observational audits of clinical records. The first audit included patients investigated and treated at a tertiary referral cardiothoracic center during a 1-month period, and the second included(More)
The association between low birth weight and high blood pressure is well established, but underlying mechanisms remain undefined. Vascular rarefaction, which may elevate peripheral vascular resistance, has been observed in capillaries of young men at risk for hypertension and men who had low birth weight. We looked for evidence that capillary rarefaction(More)
National referral guidelines have been developed for patients with suspected oesphago-gastric cancer with the aim of reducing the delay from presentation to referral and, therefore, reducing overall delay in diagnosis. This study evaluates the impact of these guidelines and shows that they have resulted in a significant decrease in the time from referral to(More)
OBJECTIVE To undertake a cost-effectiveness analysis comparing conservative management, surgery and radiosurgery for treating small-to-medium (1-20 mm)-sized vestibular schwannomas. DESIGN Model-based economic evaluation using individual-level data from a Birmingham-based longitudinal patient database and from published sources. Both a decision tree and(More)