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We have studied the association of muscle strength (quadriceps, biceps, handgrip), measured by a portable chair technique, with functional status (Barthel Index, manual dexterity, Mental Test Score, history of falls, fracture, prescribed drugs), in a sample of 92 elderly subjects attending a Local Authority Day Centre and Day Hospital. Anthropometric(More)
Many studies have shown the indigenous elderly population and Asian immigrants to be groups at particular risk of vitamin D deficiency and osteomalacia, but there are no data on the risks in elderly Asians. In this community-based study a group of elderly Asians was compared with control groups of elderly and young whites and young Asians. Levels of(More)
Amiodarone is a powerful anti-arrhythmic drug. However, its use is somewhat limited by side-effects. No study examining side-effects specifically in elderly patients exists. We have reviewed noncardiac side-effects in 61 elderly patients on long-term oral amiodarone treatment (follow-up 3-66 months). The most troublesome side-effect was hypothyroidism (nine(More)
This paper describes two similar user-initiated methods to backup and restore PC workstations over an ethernet network. The first method concerns ‘‘PC Hardware All Alike,’’ or the backup and restoring of sets of identical disk images across many identical systems. The second method is the backup and restoring of ‘‘PC Hardware All Different,’’ which manages(More)
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