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Mantling deposits on the Moon are considered to be pyroclastic units emplaced on the lunar surface as a result of explosive fire fountaining. These pyroclastic units are characterized as having low albedos, having smooth fine-textured surfaces, and consisting in part of homogeneous, Febearing volcanic glass and partially crystallized spheres. Mantling units(More)
ß Antattic meteorite ALHA81005 is a regolith breccia apparently sent to earth by an impact event in the lunar highlands. Laboratory studies of this sample provide information that is used to understand the source region on the moon using remote sensing data. The meteorites' low Thorium content is inconsistent with Thorium values measured for the central(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate potential microbiological and metal contamination of watercress and to assess the public health risks associated with harvesting and consumption of watercress. METHOD During March and April 2000, samples were taken from 11 known or potential watercress collection sites in the Wellington region. Microbiological testing included(More)
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