Ray Hassan

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to examine the influence of pregame tutorials on player performance in Kinect(®) (Microsoft(®), Redmond, WA)-based health games and to determine whether the additional exertion caused by longer playtime introduced by the tutorial would influence in-game performance. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty-two college-age(More)
Hoerter, Michael E. M.S., Purdue University, May, 2014. Just Noticeable Difference Survey of Computer Generated Imagery Using Normal Maps. Major Professor: David Whittinghill. Normal maps are widely used as a resource-efficient means of simulating detailed topology on 3D surfaces in the gaming, simulation, and film industries. However, as surface mesh(More)
This manuscript details a technique for estimating gesture accuracy within the context of motion-based health video games using the MICROSOFT KINECT. We created a physical therapy game that requires players to imitate clinically significant reference gestures. Player performance is represented by the degree of similarity between the performed and reference(More)
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