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Nervous system growth factors promote axonal growth following acute spinal cord injury. In the present experiment, we examined whether delivery of neurotrophic factors after chronic spinal cord injury would also promote axonal growth and influence functional outcomes. Adult Fischer 344 rats underwent mid-thoracic spinal cord dorsal hemisection lesions.(More)
Previous studies suggest that the cell adhesion molecule L1 promotes neurite growth by neutralizing white matter associated inhibitors of axonal growth. We made a soluble chimeric dimer by linking mouse L1 to human Fc. This L1-Fc construct (40 microg/mL) markedly facilitated neurite outgrowth, as well as neuronal adhesion to white matter on frozen sections(More)
Little is known about molecular and cellular responses to spinal cord injury in primates. In this study, the normal milieu of the primate spinal cord was disturbed by multiple needle penetrations and cell injections in the mid-thoracic spinal cord; subsequent effects on local axons and expression of extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules were examined,(More)
Human long-term bone marrow cultures (HLTBMCs) are a valuable in vitro model for studying the role of the haemopoietic microenvironment. Here we report the spontaneous appearance of EBV-positive B cells in 6/40 HLTBMCs from patients with various haematological diseases after 3-5 months of culture. After subcultivation of these cells, a novel type of cell(More)
OBJECTIVES Obstetric trauma to the puborectal muscle seems to be an important cause of pelvic floor dysfunction in women. Due to the complicated three-dimensional (3D) arrangement of the pelvic structures, two-dimensional images are not sufficient to demonstrate its relationships in a complex fashion. Thus, we aimed to create a 3D computer model to(More)
INTRODUCTION The authors describe their first experience with virtually navigated pelvic and spine screws based on perioperative CT navigation. MATERIAL AND METHODS From 22 October 2012 (launching the device) to 9 January 2013, a total of 15 CT-navigated pelvic and spine operations were performed in 14 patients. Nerve root compression, scoliosis,(More)
The aim of the study is to present results showing whether a pelvic injury in polytrauma patients means a high risk of mortality. The retrospective study (January 2001 - December 2006) included 453 polytrauma patients (130 women, 323 men) with ISS exceeding 16 points, hospitalized at the authors' department (Traumacentre Level I). The age of patients ranged(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The aim was to evaluate the diagnostic value of plain X-ray images in the diagnosis of pelvic ring injury in comparison with CT findings. MATERIAL AND METHODS The group evaluated consisted of 30 patients, 11 women and 19 men, at an average age of 46 years (range, 20-81 years; women, 20-68 years, men, 20-81 years; average age, 49 and(More)
The authors completed all available information of the national and foreign literature concerning problems of urogynecological injuries associated with a pelvic injury in women with regard to possible consequences to the quality of life. The authors also aimed their attention on potentional risks associated with pelvic injury in pregnant women. Urological(More)
Healthcare executives whose organizations seek major capital financing through bond offerings typically focus their attention on obtaining the lowest possible bond placement fees for the services of underwriters, legal counsel, accounting firms, and other advisors. However, far greater savings can be achieved by employing a strategic approach to securing(More)