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Decomposition of organic matter in wetlands is linked to numerous wetland processes, making it a useful metric to assess wetland function. We measured plant litter decomposition rates in three mitigated and three reference wetlands located in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia, from 2007 to 2009. Four common wetland species were used: broadleaf(More)
Large amounts of resources have gone into wetland mitigation in recent years; however, it is still unclear whether wetland function is being replaced along with wetland area. Litter decomposition is linked to numerous wetland functions. In this study, we measured plant litter decomposition potential over 12 months in 8 created and 8 reference wetlands(More)
This article describes the coding portion of a study to test the effectiveness of a motivational interviewing (MI) training program for probation officers. We describe some of the challenges with using the Motivational Interview Treatment Integrity (MITI) instrument to code interactions between probation officers and clients. Our team of raters was able to(More)
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