Ray G Shidrawi

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The seroprevalence of viral hepatitis in healthcare workers has important public health implications. To assess the risk factors for the acquisition of viral hepatitis in an unvaccinated cohort from an hyperendemic region, 567 healthcare workers from a large hospital in the capital of the Republic of Yemen were interviewed and tested for serological markers(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether there was increased nitric oxide (NO) production from coeliac small intestinal biopsies cultured in vitro with gluten and whether the inhibition of NO production could prevent gluten-induced enterotoxicity. The relationship between NO production with the pro-inflammatory cytokines interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), tumour necrosis(More)
BACKGROUND We have used organ culture to investigate the in vitro toxicity of three oligopeptides corresponding to amino acids 31-49 (peptide A), 202-220 (peptide B), and 3-21 (peptide C) of A-gliadin, Frazer's fraction III (FFIII), and ovalbumin. METHODS Eight to 14 jejunal biopsy specimens were obtained from each of 8 treated and 7 untreated coeliac(More)
Primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) is a classical autoimmune liver disease for which effective immunomodulatory therapy is lacking. Here we perform meta-analyses of discovery data sets from genome-wide association studies of European subjects (n=2,764 cases and 10,475 controls) followed by validation genotyping in an independent cohort (n=3,716 cases and 4,261(More)
We conducted a preliminary survey on 3064 patients who underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy at the Al-Thawra Hospital in Sana'a, Republic of Yemen, between January and December 1991. The age/sex distribution, demographic features and social habits with respect to cigarette and water-pipe smoking and Qat chewing were compared for patients with(More)
We report a young West Indian man who presented with non-specific constitutional symptoms and widespread subcutaneous nodules which were non-diagnostic on histology. The diagnosis of sarcoidosis was made on the basis of progressive bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy, interstitial pulmonary infiltration, a raised serum angiotensin-converting-enzyme level and a(More)
AIMS To highlight the pitfalls in the diagnosis of coeliac disease and to make recommendations for its diagnosis and the management of refractory cases with equivocal histology. METHODS Six patients, referred since 1989 with a diagnosis of coeliac disease based on duodenal biopsy specimens taken at endoscopy, and who failed to respond to a gluten-free(More)
Hyperemesis gravidarum affects up to 2% of pregnancies and is characterized by severe nausea and vomiting persisting beyond the 14th week of gestation with weight loss, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and ketonuria. We present the case of a woman with severe, refractory hyperemesis gravidarum in whom treatment with a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy(More)
BACKGROUND A-gliadin residues 31-49 (peptide A) binds to HLA-DQ2 and is toxic to coeliac small bowel. Analogues of this peptide, which bind to DQ2 molecules but are non-toxic, may be a potential route to inducing tolerance to gliadin in patients with coeliac disease. METHODS Toxicity was investigated with small bowel organ culture in six patients with(More)