Ray E. Flanery

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This paper is a brief overview of a parallel version of the NCAR Community Climate Model, CCM2, implemented for MIMD massively parallel computers using a message-passing programming paradigm. The parallel implementation was developed on an Intel iPSC/860 with 128 processors and on the Intel Delta with 512 processors, and the initial target platform for the(More)
This paper discusses the development of a CUMULVS interface for runtime data visualization using the AVS/Express commercial visualization environment. The CUMULVS (Collaborative, User Migration, User Library for Visualization and Steering) system, developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is an essential platform for interacting with high-performance(More)
A b stra c t A user interface for simulation of contam ina­ nt transport in groundwater flow using a distribu­ ted memory parallel processor is described. The user interface is a m enu-mouse driven presenta­ tion using the X-W indows software. To facilitate the division and distribution o f data among proc­ essors and to develop a data structure capable of(More)
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