Ray E. Flanery

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This paper discusses the development of a CUMULVS interface for runtime data visualization using the AVS/Express commercial visualization environment. The CUMULVS (Collaborative, User Migration, User Library for Visualization and Steering) system, developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is an essential platform for interacting with high-performance(More)
This paper is a brief overview of a parallel version of the NCAR Community Climate Model, CCM2, implemented for MIMD massively parallel computers using a message-passing programming paradigm. The parallel implementation was developed on an Intel iPSC/860 with 128 processors and on the Intel Delta with 512 processors, and the initial target platform for the(More)
A bstrac t A user interface for simulation of contamina­ nt transport in groundwater flow using a distribu­ ted memory parallel processor is described. The user interface is a menu-mouse driven presenta­ tion using the X-Windows software. To facilitate the division and distribution o f data among proc­ essors and to develop a data structure capable of(More)
The goal of the project was to begin development of a new approach to the statistical analysis of scientiic data, appropriate for and applicable to the very large data sets now being produced by advanced measurement systems and computational models. Because most analytical and even graphical paradigms of data analysis in current use have been developed in(More)
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