Ray D. Madoff

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P. Abrams , K.E. Andersson, L. Birder, L. Brubaker, L. Cardozo, C. Chapple, A. Cottenden, W. Davila, D. de Ridder, R. Dmochowski, M. Drake, C. DuBeau, C. Fry, P. Hanno, J. Hay Smith, S. Herschorn, G. Hosker, C. Kelleher, H. Koelbl, S. Khoury,* R. Madoff, I. Milsom, K. Moore, D. Newman, V. Nitti, C. Norton, I. Nygaard, C. Payne, A. Smith, D. Staskin, S.(More)
Dynamic myoplasty combines muscle transfer with electrical stimulation to provide contractile function that augments or replaces impaired organ function. Dynamic cardiomyoplasty was the first clinical application in which a skeletal muscle, latissimus dorsi, was transferred and stimulated to provide cardiac assistance, a function different from its original(More)
Although at first glance French and U.S. inheritance laws appear to be diametrically opposed, this paper provides a deeper analysis. In doing so, it explains that nuances within both systems have made the laws more similar than they initially appear. U.S. inheritance laws, explicitly characterized by freedom of testation, include numerous substantive limits(More)
Many scholars have criticized the doctrine of undue influence in wills, but none so far has called for its abolition. This call is long overdue. Three objections to the doctrine of undue influence—historical, doctrinal, and psychological—warrant its abandonment. As a matter of history, courts shifted the doctrine from the realm of chancery to that of law,(More)
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