Ray Chu

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BACKGROUND Accommodative dysfunction and convergence insufficiency (CI) are common pediatric vision problems that have been associated with an increase in frequency and severity of vision-specific symptoms that affect children when doing schoolwork. However, the relationship between accommodative dysfunction and CI and other learning problems, such as(More)
High-resolution neuroimaging modalities are used often in studies involving healthy volunteers. Subsequently, a significant increase in the incidental discovery of asymptomatic intracranial abnormalities raised the important ethical issues of when follow-up and treatment may be necessary. We examined the literature to establish a practical set of criteria(More)
Asymptomatic intracranial abnormalities are increasingly becoming a focus of attention with the utilization of high-resolution imaging. The concurrence of tumor and aneurysm has been described, largely, by case reports and single-surgeon experiences. Recent papers have outlined the ethics of incidental findings and possible treatment algorithms. Incidental(More)
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