Ray Aprecio

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Diabetes mellitus is believed to increase the risk and severity of periodontitis. However, less evidence is available on the converse effects of periodontitis on diabetes. The objective of the study was to investigate to what degree experimental periodontitis induced by Porphyromonas gingivalis might influence the onset and severity(More)
This study investigated sterilization of used implant impression copings and healing abutments. Components were analyzed after contamination with Enterococcus foecalis, followed by multiple rounds of sterilization by both steam autoclave and Chemiclave protocols. The authors' results demonstrated that used components showed sterility equal to new components(More)
Periodontitis is one of the severe complications in diabetic patients and gingival epithelium plays an initial role on the onset and progression of this disease. However the potential mechanism is yet sufficiently understood. Meanwhile, the research on the correlational experimental animal models was also insufficient. Here, we established periodontitis(More)
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