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Studies on the interrelationship between female hormones associated with reproduction and the vitamin B6-dependent enzymes along the kynurenin pathway of trytophan metabolism were carried out in girls with an age less, and more than 10 years (just before the onset of the first menstrual cycle), and in postmenapausal women with and without relative (excess)(More)
The effect of soft-laser upon human gingival fibroblasts was studied after an initial biopsy followed by irradiation and numerous biopsies performed 5 mn, 15 mn, 1 hour and 24 hours after irradiation. In addition, control biopsies were performed in the same way on a non-irradiated gingival area. One hour after irradiation and up to 24 hours later, the(More)
A twin-screw extruder was used for the extraction of wheat bran hemicelluloses by the co-extrusion of wheat straw and bran. As compared with a stirred reactor extraction, a twin-screw extruder resulted in a lower extraction rate (only about 24% of hemicelluloses in the wheat bran), but it has the advantages of a shorter residence time for the vegetable(More)
The effect of soft-laser upon cicatrization of the gum was studied in 14 patients. After the initial biopsy, control biopsies were performed on the same patients in non-irradiated gums. In the absence of inflammation, cicatrization took place in a similar manner in the irradiated and control tissues. After an early vascular growth, connective cylinders(More)
MAO activity in liver homogenate of mice infected with Schistosoma mansoni was determined from the second till the 14th week following infection. Significant diminution of MAO activity was noticed starting from the sixth week following infection, reaching its lowest value at the eighth week, obviously denoting progress of hepatic fibrosis. Treatment of the(More)
The aim of this article is to compare two different sets of optimal conditions for twin-screw extraction of xylans and define their influence on the purification steps, combining ultrafiltration and industrial chromatography. Two xylan extracts were obtained by twin-screw extrusion of straw and bran. Condition 1 used a high straw/bran ratio (equal to 6) and(More)