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We have measured the branching fraction and photon energy spectrum for the radiative penguin process b → sγ. We find B(b → sγ) = (3.21 ± 0.43 ± 0.27 −0.10) × 10 , where the errors are statistical, systematic, and from theory corrections. We obtain first and second moments of the photon energy spectrum above 2.0 GeV, 〈Eγ〉 = 2.346± 0.032± 0.011 GeV, and 〈E(More)
We have searched a sample of 9.6 million BB̄ events for the lepton-flavorviolating decays B → heμ, B+ → h−e+e+, B+ → h−e+μ+, and B+ → h−μ+μ+, where h is π, K, ρ, and K(892), a total of sixteen modes. We find no evidence for these decays, and place 90% confidence level upper limits on their branching fractions that range from 1.0 to 8.3× 10−6. Typeset using(More)
Using data collected with the CLEO II detector we have performed a search for direct CP violation in the Ξ hyperon system. CP violation gives rise to an asymmetry, A, between the parity-violating angular distributions of the decay chains Ξ → Λπ, Λ → pπ and Ξ̄ → Λ̄π, Λ̄ → p̄π. In the Standard Model, A ≈ 10 to 10. If CP violation were found at a higher level(More)
We have studied two-body charmless hadronic decays of B mesons into the final states ππ, Kπ, and KK. Using 3.3 million BB̄ pairs collected with the CLEO-II detector, we have made the first observation of the decays B → Kπ, B → Kπ, and the sum of B → ππ and B + → Kπ decays (an average over charge-conjugate states is always implied). We place upper limits on(More)
G. Brandenburg, A. Ershov, D.Y.-J. Kim, R. Wilson, K. Benslama, B. I. Eisenstein, J. Ernst, G. D. Gollin, R. M. Hans, I. Karliner, N. Lowrey, M. A. Marsh, C. Plager, C. Sedlack, M. Selen, J. J. Thaler, J. Williams, K.W. Edwards, R. Ammar, D. Besson, X. Zhao, S. Anderson, V.V. Frolov, Y. Kubota, S. J. Lee, S. Z. Li, R. Poling, A. Smith, C. J. Stepaniak, J.(More)
We present preliminary results of several analyses searching for the effects of CP violation and mixing in the decay ofD0 mesons. We find no evidence of CP asymmetry in five different two-body decay modes of the D0 to pairs of light pseudo-scalar mesons: ACP (K +K−) = (+0.05±2.18±0.84)%, ACP (π+π−) = (+2.0±3.2±0.8)%, ACP (K0 Sπ) = (+0.1±1.3)%, ACP (π0π0) =(More)
Column leaching tests were conducted to investigate the effects of soil physicochemical characteristics on metal mobility in the subsurface. The metals investigated originated from disposed industrial waste byproducts and from agrochemicals spread over the farmlands. Soil column tests can provide insights into leaching of metals to underlying water(More)
B. Barish,1 M. Chadha,1 S. Chan,1 G. Eigen,1 J. S. Miller,1 C. O’Grady,1 J. Urheim,1 A. J. Weinstein,1 F. Würthwein,1 D. M. Asner,2 M. Athanas,2 D. W. Bliss,2 W. S. Brower,2 G. Masek,2 H. P. Paar,2 J. Gronberg,3 C. M. Korte,3 R. Kutschke,3 S. Menary,3 R. J. Morrison,3 S. Nakanishi,3 H. N. Nelson,3 T. K. Nelson,3 C. Qiao,3 J. D. Richman,3 D. Roberts,3 A.(More)
In a sample of 9.66 × 106BB̄ pairs collected with the CLEO detector we make the first observation of B decays to an ηc and a kaon. We measure branching fractions B(B+ → ηcK +) = (0.69 −0.21 ± 0.08 ± 0.20) × 10 −3 and B(B → ηcK ) = (1.09 −0.42 ± 0.12 ± 0.31) × 10 −3, where the first error is statistical, the second is systematic and the third is from the ηc(More)