Rawéléguinbasba Armel Flavien Kabore

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BACKGROUND The management of Hirschsprung's disease remains a problem in developing countries. Our aim is to identify the main epidemiological, clinical, and therapeutic characteristics of Hirschsprung's disease at the University Child Hospital Charles De Gaulle of Ouagadougou (CHUP-CDG). PATIENTS AND METHOD It is a retrospective study carried out in the(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the rate of neonatal surgery emergencies and to highlight the main causes and difficulties related to better handling of these emergencies. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a 1-year descriptive prospective study from September 2009 to September 2010 based on 102 cases collected. At admission, we(More)
Anesthesia in developing countries deserves special attention. The most common technique is general anesthesia (with spontaneous or manually assisted ventilation). Nonmedical anesthetists with limited training and supervision and lacking the most common drugs and anesthetic equipment administer anesthesia, usually for emergency surgery. There are important(More)
Umbilical hernias occur frequently in children but complications are rarely reported. This study assesses the incidence of complicated umbilical hernias in our patients, evaluates data for risk factors, and shows dissimilarities with those encountered in developed countries. This study reports all children operated for complications due to strangulated(More)
La hernie diaphragmatique post-traumatique est une urgence chirurgicale rare chez l’enfant mais pouvant mettre rapidement en jeu le pronostic vital. Les auteurs rapportent le cas d’un garçon de 04 ans admis aux urgences pour douleur abdominale suite à une contusion thoraco-abdominale par accident de la voie publique. Le bilan radiologique initial a consisté(More)
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