Ravuru Sudhakar

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Sheath blight, caused by the pathogenic fungus Rhizoctonia solani Kühn, is one of the most devastating diseases in rice. Breeders have always faced challenges in acquiring reliable and absolute resistance to this disease in existing rice germplasm. In this context, 40 rice germplasm including eight wild, four landraces, twenty- six cultivated and two(More)
Inherently low genetic yield potential and susceptibility to biotic and abiotic stresses contribute to low productivity in sesame. Development of stress resistant varieties coupled with high yield is the viable option to raise the genetic yield ceiling. 35 sesame germplasm accessions obtained from diverse agro-climatic regions of India were screened both(More)
Carbon nano tube devices are considered as a better replacement for CMOS technology nowadays due to its decreased sizing and increased performance. Resistive open and bridging faults play vital role in the dynamic fault analysis. These faults are important since the number of interconnects have increased. In this study we discuss the effect of open and(More)
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