Ravon Venters

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A thermal model of a semiconductor structure is developed using a hierarchical function space, rather than physical space. The thermal model is derived using the proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) and does not require any assumptions about the physical geometry, dimensions, or heat flow paths, as is usually necessary for compact/lumped thermal models.(More)
A new rhombic EPR signal was recently discovered in the partially reduced type 2 copper-depleted Rhus vernicifera laccase (Reinhammar, B. (1983) J. Inorg. Biochem., in press). The signal originates from one of the type 3 Cu(II) ions that becomes EPR-detectable as a result of the selective reduction of the other copper ion in the exchange-coupled(More)
The effect of compression rate on onset of high-pressure convulsions has been studied in 14 vertebrate species, as well as in 10 mouse strains and 4 rat strains. Compression rate effects were observed in 9 of the 14 species. They appear to be independent of exposure temperature, correlate only very loosely with phylogenetic position, and appear to reflect(More)
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