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In developing countries like India, official information on private health care providers is scanty. This is an obstacle for effective health care planning and policy development. In this paper, we present a project aimed to enumerate, characterise and digitally map all private providers (PPs) using Geographical Information System (GIS) in a rural district(More)
A significant group of patient with estrogen receptor (ER) α positive breast tumors fails to appreciably respond to endocrine therapy. An increased understanding of the molecular basis of estrogen-mediated signal transduction and resultant gene expression may lead to novel strategies for treating breast cancer. In this study, we sought to identify the(More)
The term smart antenna incorporates all situations in which a system is using an antenna array and the antenna pattern is dynamically adjusted by the system required.Two major issues in smart antennas are Direciton of Arrival (DOA) estimation and beamforming. The Direction of Arrival of all the incoming signals including the interfering signals are(More)
The objective of the present study was to validate prognostic gene signature for estrogen receptor alpha-positive (ER03B1+) and lymph node (+) breast cancer for improved selection of patients for adjuvant therapy. In our previous study, we identified a group of seven genes (GATA3, NTN4, SLC7A8, ENPP1, MLPH, LAMB2, and PLAT) that show elevated messenger RNA(More)
  • Prem Kumar Lohani, Ranjani K, Ravishankar, Sundaresan
  • 2014
SystemVerilog and SystemC are extensively used for design and Verification in VLSI industry. This paper propose a method to combine SystemVerilog and SystemC code in a single hardware/software simulation which allows design teams to leverage abstract representations of system function as it increases system simulations speed. This paper also purposes a(More)
Pinch Analysis is a methodology for minimizing energy consumption of chemical plant by maximizing the utilization of hot and cold utilities available within the process, thereby reducing the use of external utilities. It is also known as process integration, heat integration, energy integration or Pinch technology. Pinch technology is applied on various(More)
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