Ravishankar Krishnan

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Physical therapists require an accurate, reliable method for measuring muscle strength. They often use manual muscle testing or hand-held dynametric muscle testing (DMT), but few studies document the reliability of MMT or compare the reliability of the two types of testing. We designed this study to determine the intrarater reliability of MMT and DMT. A(More)
BACKGROUND Self-reported activity duration is used to estimate cumulative exposures in epidemiological research. OBJECTIVE The effects of work pattern, self-reported task dullness (a measure of cognitive task demand), and heart rate ratio and perceived physical exertion (measures of physical task demands) on error in task duration estimation were(More)
In this paper we present an exponential statistical model which relates computer failure rates to level of system activity. Our analysis reveals a strong statistical dependency of both hardware and software component failure rates on several common .measures of utilization (specifically CPU utilization, I/O initiation, paging, and job-step initiation(More)
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