Ravisankar Narayanan

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Hypericum hookerianum is a lesser known ethnomedicinal plant having wound healing, antitumor and anti-HSV-1 properties. Isolated nodes of in vitro shoots sub-cultured in the dark for 4 weeks on half strength Murashige and Skoog medium solidified with Gelzan (1.5 g l−1), and supplemented with 2.325 μM kinetin produced 8.0 ± 0.40 etiolated shoots of 5.0 ±(More)
Aldicarb [2-methyl-2(methyl thio) propionaldehyde-O-methyl carbamoyl oxime], which forms the active ingredient of a systemic oximic carbamate insecticide, at 2 ppm level did not affect the in vitro growth and respiration of Azotobacter chroococcum Beij, while concentrations at 5 ppm and 10 ppm levels were inhibitory. The insecticide treatment at 10 ppm(More)
A consortium of aerobic sulphur oxidizing microorganisms native to municipal sewage sludge has been developed that is capable of reducing the pH of sludge from 7.0 to 2.0 under mild-thermophilic (45 degrees C) temperatures. This mild-thermophilic, acidophilic acclimatized consortium has then been used to develop a thermophilic acidophilic culture capable of(More)
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