Ravindra Vaidya

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Content Based Image Retrieval is an interesting and most emerging field in the area of 'Image Search', finding similar images for the given query image from the image database. Current approaches include the use of color, texture and shape information. Considering these features in individual, most of the retrievals are poor in results and(More)
  • R. J. Vaidya, R. M. Ray, L. R. Johnson
  • 2006
The rapid migration of intestinal epithelial cells (IEC) is important for the healing of mucosal wounds. We have previously shown that polyamine depletion inhibits migration of IEC-6 cells. Akt activation and its downstream target GSK-3β have been implicated in the regulation of migration. Here we investigated the significance of elevated(More)
E-learning is a continuously evolving and rapidly progressing interdisciplinary field, which explores use of ICT in education to impart knowledge effectively by improving learner's experience. Most of the researchers are exploring the concept of Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS) to attain personalization especially in distance mode of(More)
Electronic Travel Aids have evolved over the years through multi-disciplinary research fundamentally using ultrasonic, infrared, imaging, GPS etc., but such technology outreach in India has been almost absent. This paper, based on an extensive research and literature survey carried out by the authors during the development of an obstacle avoiding ultrasonic(More)
Matchmaking in e-marketplaces is challenging. One of the reasons is the multifaceted nature of participants' expectations and interest, which makes modeling of participants' profile difficult. We formalize the multifaceted expectations and interests of participants as 'constraints' in those profiles. We identify and explicitly define the relevant types of(More)
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