Ravindra Pratap Singh

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This paper deals with Voltage Stability Analysis in a Power Transmission System with and without STATCOM using Artificial Neural Network in MATLAB/ SIMULINK. It is shown that trained Neural Network developed has excellent capabilities of forecasting which can be very useful in research. Voltage control and reactive power compensation in a weak distribution(More)
The size of cigarette smoke aerosols was determined with the photon-correlation technique. The effects of temperature and concentration on aerosol size were also observed. We found that aerosol size increases almost linearly with an increase in concentration but decreases with an increase in temperature.
The document retrieval is one of the fast growing and complex research area in the field of information retrieval. An effective Information retrieval can be obtained only under strong document retrieval algorithm. As compared to the information retrieval, document retrieval is also a tedious process. The accurate retrieval of a document needs highly precise(More)
Voltage Stability is a key factor for the stable operation of grid connected wind farm during fault through and grid disturbances. This paper investigates the implementation and comparison of FACTS devices like STATCOM and SVC for the voltage stability issue for IG-based wind farm connected to a grid and load. The steady state behaviour of an interconnected(More)
In this single case study, the possible effect of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) was explored in the form of light emitting diodes on a chronic non-healing wound of 6 months duration in an 18-year-old male patient suffering from thalassemia intermedia. After irradiation, with LLLT dosage of 17.3 J/cm(2) for 8 min for 2 weeks duration followed by(More)
Sanguinarine is a quaternary benzo[c]phenanthridine alkaloid, extracted from the argemone oil, which produced severe human intoxications. To investigate the sanguinarine biotransformation, we develop a simple extraction process and a high performance liquid chromatographic separation coupled to a sensitive fluorometric detection of sanguinarine in cell(More)
Entanglement acts as an important resource for quantum information and communication. With entanglement between two quantum bits, protocols have been demonstrated for teleporting an unknown qubit [1], denser coding of information [2] and secure communication [3]. An arbitrary qubit can be teleported from one particle to another, irrespective of the(More)
The objective of this paper is to determine the optimal combination of the process parameters in a high speed electrodischarge machining (EDM) while machining carbon fiber epoxy composite with the copper-cadmium tool. The parameters considered are peak current, gap voltage, pulse-on-time and duty cycle; whereas the response is material removal rate (MRR).(More)
In order to solve the problem of information overload, current information retrieval systems need to be improved. Intelligenc e should be embedded to search systems to manage effectively search, retrieval, Filtering and presenting relevant information. This can be done by ontology based information retrieval techniques. Systems are evaluated by using their(More)