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− Brushless DC motors have been widely used as actuators in mechatronic systems. A non-dynamic motor inverse model, which neglects the electrical dynamics of the motor, is usually employed to achieve torque control of the motor. Variations of the motor parameters due to environmental factors, temperature, build variations, aging, etc. directly impart(More)
In view of the development and the need for fault diagnosis in industries, remote diagnostics technology, based on intranet and Internet, is deemed an inevitable trend. This article presents the architecture of a multi-tier, complex remote diagnostics system by applying CORBA. Functionality for each tier of the architecture is elaborated. A remote(More)
Statistical fatigue life of a ductile alloy specimen is traditionally divided into three stages, namely, crack nucleation, small crack growth, and large crack growth. Crack nucleation and small crack growth show a wide variation and hence a big spread on cycles versus crack length graph. Relatively, large crack growth shows a lesser variation. Therefore,(More)
This paper presents a stochastic model of fatigue crack propagation in ductile alloys that are commonly encountered in mechanical structures and machine components of complex systems (e.g. aircraft, spacecraft, ships and submarines, and power plants). The stochastic model is built upon a deterministic state-space model of fatigue crack propagation under(More)
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