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Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (ICC) is a disease of abnormal copper metabolism commonly characterized by swelling and degeneration of liver cells along with the presence of orcein staining deposits of copper. Hepatic copper content of ICC patients was about 43 fold higher than those of control subjects. The data on sub-cellular distribution of copper revealed(More)
Many complex problems like Speech Recognition, Bioinformatics, Climatology, Control and Communication are solved using Hidden Markov Models (HMM). Mostly, optimization problems are modeled as HMM learning problem in which HMM parameters are either maximized or minimized. In general, Baum-Welch Method (BW) is used to solve HMM learning problem giving only(More)
Hidden Markov model (HMM) is a stochastic method which has been used in various application like speech processing, signal processing and character recognition. It has three main problems. Third problem of HMM is the one in which we optimize the model parameters so as to describe how a given observation sequence comes about. The observation sequence is used(More)
Metallothionein (MT) a low molecular weight, Cd-binding, cysteine rich, cytosolic protein has been isolated, purified and characterized from cadmium exposed Rhesus monkeys maintained on protein calorie malnourished (PCM) diet. Metallothionein was resolved into three isoforms i.e. MTa, MTb and MTVc. The ratio of Cd, Zn and Cu varied in these(More)
Exposure of animals to cadmium (Cd) (25 mg kg-1 body wt day-1) for 10 weeks resulted in preferential accumulation of the metal in liver and kidney. Cd accumulation concomitantly increased zinc (Zn) concentration in both the organs. However, significant decrease in copper level was observed in liver, whereas kidney showed increase in copper (Cu) level. Cd(More)
A set of 16 popular inbred lines, (8 released and 8 experimental) were analyzed using 24 Simple Sequence Repeats (SSR) markers. In total 71 SSR alleles were identified with a mean of 2.96 alleles per locus. The study revealed 28 rare alleles among the total, out of which 9 were unique to some of the inbred lines. The average Polymorphism Information Content(More)
Diabetic patients need to take insulin before every meal. The doctors have to decide insulin doses for every patient according to the patient’s previous records of doses and sugar levels measured at regular intervals. This paper proposes a Hidden Markov Model to predict the insulin chart for a patient and uses Simulated Annealing search algorithm to(More)
A low molecular weight, native zinc binding, cytosolic protein (LMZP) has been isolated, purified and characterized from human normal term placenta. Gel filtration of heat treated placental cytosol after sequential acetone precipitation (80% ppt) revealed a major zinc binding protein in the range of low molecular weight. This partially purified zinc binding(More)
The purpose of our on going research would be to track entities, which enter their field of vision over the sensor network. Based on their sightings, they maintain a dynamic cache that can be queried by a base stationa stationary or fixed node. Since transmitting messages consumes a lot of energy, as against local processing and moreover the limited energy(More)
It is the problem of computer science that how we detect the handwritten character and word, so it is also the problem in the field of image processing and pattern recognition of computer science. The meaning of handwritten character and word recognition refers to the identification of the characters or word which is written by a human being. Our approach(More)
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