Ravindra A. Athale

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We present a modified conventional camera that is able to collect multimodal images in a single exposure. Utilizing a light field architecture in conjunction with multiple filters placed in the pupil plane of a main lens, we are able to digitally reconstruct synthetic images containing specific spectral, polarimetric, and other optically filtered data. The(More)
The ACTIVE-EYES (adaptive control for thermal imagers via electro-optic elements to yield an enhanced sensor) architecture, an adaptive image-segmentation and processing architecture, based on digital micromirror (DMD) array technology, is described. The concept provides efficient front-end processing of multispectral image data by adaptively segmenting and(More)
High accuracy optical processors based on the algorithm of digital multiplication by analog convolution (DMAC) are studied for ultimate performance limitations. Variations of optical processors that perform high accuracy vector-vector inner products are studied in abstract and with specific examples. It is concluded that the use of linear analog optical(More)
Light field cameras can simultaneously capture the spatial location and angular direction of light rays emanating from a scene. By placing a variable bandpass filter in the aperture of a light field camera, we demonstrate the ability to multiplex the visible spectrum over this captured angular dimension. The result is a novel design for a single-snapshot(More)
Acousto-optic processors for calculating different two-dimensional (2-D) time-frequency representations for one dimensional temporal signals in real time are described. The various 2-D representations discussed in the literature, such as the Wigner distribution and the ambiguity function, are shown to be obtainable through minor variations in an(More)
This paper outlines the goals, structure, and technology elements of The INFINITY Project, a joint effort between university educators, industrial partners, and civic leaders to introduce a signal processing based engineering curriculum at the high school educational level. Implementation issues of the program are addressed, including class textbook and(More)
Many applications require the ability to image a scene in several different narrow spectral bands simultaneously. Conventional multi-layer dielectric filters require control of film thickness to change the resonant wavelength. This makes it difficult to fabricate a mosaic of multiple narrow spectral band transmission filters monolithically. We adjusted the(More)
The feature in the 1 May 1988 issue of Applied Optics includes a collection of papers originally presented at the 1987 Lake Tahoe Topical Meeting on Optical Computing. These papers emphasize digital optical computing systems, optical interconnects, and devices for optical computing, but analog optical processing is considered as well.
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