Ravinder Khanna

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Image computing has become a real catchphrase over the past few years and the interpretations of the meaning of the term vary greatly. The Imagecomputing market is currently rapidly evolving with high growth prospects and almost daily announcements of new devices and application platforms, which results in an increasing diversification of devices, operating(More)
ABSTARCT With the advent of digital images the problem of keeping picture visualization uniformity arises because each printing or scanning device has its own color chart. So, universal color profiles are made by ICC to bring uniformity in various types of devices. Keeping that color profile in mind various new color charts are created and calibrated with(More)
The main problem in colour management in prepress department is lack of availability of literature on colour management and knowledge gap between prepress department and press department. So a digital test from has been created by Adobe Photoshop to analyse the ICC profile and to create a new profile and this analysed data is used to study about various(More)
In prepress department RGB image has to be converted to CMYK image. To control that amount of black, cyan, magenta and yellow has to be controlled by using color separation method. Graycolor separation method is selected to control the amounts of these colors because it increase the quality of printing also. A single printer used for printing the same image(More)
The production of a printed product involves three stages: prepress, the printing process (press) itself, and finishing (post press). There are various types of equipments (printers, scanners) and various qualities image are present in the market. These give different color rendering each time during reproduction. So, a color key tool has been developed(More)
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