Ravindar Narayan

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DECIDUOUS is a security management framework for identifying the sources of network-based intrusions. The rst key concept in DECIDUOUS is dynamic security associations, which eciently and collectively provide location information for attack sources. DECIDUOUS is built on top of IETF's IPSEC/ISAKMP infrastructure, and it does not introduce any new network(More)
The JiNao project at MCNC/NCSU focuses on detecting intrusions, especially insider attacks, against OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routing protocol. This paper presents the implementation and experiments of the Ji-Nao's statistical intrusion detection module. Our implementation is based upon the algorithm developed in SRI's NIDES (Next-generation Intrusion(More)
For most TCP/UDP/IP applications, when a packet or a message arrives, usually only the payload portion of the original packet can be obtained by the application. For instance, if a packet has been delivered through some IPSec tunnels along the route path, then the application, in general, will not know exactly which tunnels have been used to deliver this(More)
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