Ravil M. Galimzyanov

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In this work we consider the oscillations and associated resonance of a 2D Bose-Einstein condensate under periodic and random modulations of the atomic scattering length. For random oscillations of the trap potential and of the atomic scattering length we are able to calculate the mean growth rate for the width of the condensate. The results obtained from(More)
The dynamics of a bright matter wave soliton in a quasi 1D Bose-Einstein condensate with periodically rapidly varying trap is considered. The governing equation is derived based on averaging over fast modulations of the Gross-Pitaevskii (GP) equation. This equation has the form of GP equation with effective potential of more complicated structure than(More)
We study modulational instability of matter-waves in Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) under strong temporal nonlinearity-management. Both BEC in an optical lattice and homogeneous BEC are considered in the framework of the GrossPitaevskii equation, averaged over rapid time modulations. For a BEC in an optical lattice, it is shown that the loop formed on a(More)
Influence of the damping on collective oscillations of a one-dimensional trapped Bose gas in the mean field regime has been studied. Using the phenomenological damping approach developed by L.P. Pitaevskii, modified variational equations for the parameters of the condensate wave function is derived. Analytical expressions for the condensate parameters in(More)
We study trapping and propagation of a matter-wave soliton through the interface between uniform medium and a nonlinear optical lattice. Different regimes for transmission of a broad and a narrow solitons are investigated. Reflections and transmissions of solitons are predicted as a function of the lattice phase. The existence of a threshold in the(More)
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