Ravil I. Muhamedyev

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In this paper we consider a network of concepts relevant to the new phase of research in the field of ICT. The offered network is the foundation of semantics of a new technological level of e-government. Analysing the flow of publications determined the most popular areas of research. The second part of the article discusses approaches to the creation of(More)
Rapid changes in ICT affect the field of communication, information processing and the devices that collect and process the data. It seems relevant to assess the interest of researchers to the various sub-domains of ICT, such as Big Data, Cloud computing, Human-machine systems, Mobile computing, Machine Learning, Multi agent systems, Neural Networks,(More)
Visualization of biochemical processes is important for understanding various phenomena in living organisms. One of the famous biological processes is apoptosis. Apoptosis or programmed cell death plays an important role in many physiological states and diseases. Detection of apoptotic cells, tracing the development of apoptosis, drug development and(More)
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