Ravil I. Muhamedyev

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In this paper we consider a network of concepts relevant to the new phase of research in the field of ICT. The offered network is the foundation of semantics of a new technological level of e-government. Analysing the flow of publications determined the most popular areas of research. The second part of the article discusses approaches to the creation of(More)
The article examines the main trends in the development of geriatric service on the ground of increasing capabilities of ICT. In recent years, the measures to improve geriatric care of the population are taken in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Relevance of this issue is determined by a population aging on the one hand, and by RK humanization policy on the(More)
Machine learning algorithms are widely used in classification problems. Certainly, recognition quality of algorithms is important indicator, but the ability of the algorithm to learn is more significant. In this work the learning curves experiment was performed in order to identify which of the three learning rates occur when training the machine learning(More)
A method for three-dimensional visualization of molecular biology processes modeled by chemical kinetic equations is presented. To implement this visualization, the software in C# and a database of three-dimensional forms that model molecular complexes are developed. The quantitative parameters in this visualization scheme are determined from kinetic(More)
The paper is devoted to selection of the most crucial directions of research in ICT domain that could be implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the paper we evaluated the dynamics of the annual changes in the number of publications and convergence of ICT sub-domains based on data of Scopus, EBSCO (Information Science & Technology Abstracts,(More)
Rapid changes in ICT affect the field of communication, information processing and the devices that collect and process the data. It seems relevant to assess the interest of researchers to the various sub-domains of ICT, such as Big Data, Cloud computing, Human-machine systems, Mobile computing, Machine Learning, Multi agent systems, Neural Networks,(More)
Control of the status of the country's resources allows making reasonable decisions both in the field of state regulation, and for the benefit of sustainable and safe development of the territory. Construction of such system requires complex application of a number of modern concepts and information technologies (Cloud computing, Big Data, Data Mining,(More)