Ravichandra Reddy Boyella

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BACKGROUND Many patients requiring permanent pacemaker (PPM) or implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) placement are anticoagulated with warfarin, aspirin (ASA), and clopidogrel for a number of thromboembolic risk indications. The present review sought to evaluate the relationship between continuation of these medications in the peri-procedural period and(More)
INTRODUCTION Newly developed antineoplastic drugs have resulted in improvements in morbidity and mortality from many forms of cancers. However, some of these new chemotherapeutic agents have potentially lethal side effects, which are now being exposed with their widespread use. Gemcitabine is a nucleoside analog, which is a commonly used agent for various(More)
UNLABELLED Holt-Oram (HO) is a syndrome characterized by congenital cardiovascular malformations, specifically atrial and ventricular septal defects, and skeletal abnormalities of the upper limbs bones. Associations of HO cardiac disorders with other congenital cardiac malformations, specifically persistent left superior vena cava (PLSVC) are rarely(More)
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