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The health of the Solar PV systems should be monitored continuously for their better performance and maintenance. For PV systems installed at rural locations, remote monitoring capabilities provide the information in advance when system performance is degraded or is likely to fail. Based on this information, preventive maintenance can be carried out to(More)
Synthesis of phosphonooxymethyl derivatives of ravuconazole, 2 (BMS-379224) and 3 (BMS-315801) and their biological evaluation as potential water-soluble prodrugs of ravuconazole are described. The phosphonooxymethyl ether analogue 2 (BMS-379224) and N-phosphonooxymethyl triazolium salt 3 (BMS-315801) were both prepared from ravuconazole (1) and(More)
There has been much effort on predicting users' location (country or region) using social media sites, like Twitter. However, exciting work has not addressed the prediction of users' place of visit at finer granularity like restaurant or park. To address this problem, in this paper, we present the methodology of predicting user's place of visit using: (i)(More)
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