Ravi T. Seethamraju

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Accurate staging of nodal cancer still relies on surgical exploration because many primary malignancies spread via lymphatic dissemination. The purpose of this study was to utilize nanoparticle-enhanced lymphotropic magnetic resonance imaging (LN-MRI) to explore semi-automated noninvasive nodal cancer staging. We present a joint image segmentation and(More)
Magnetic resonance first-pass (MRFP) imaging awaits longitudinal clinical trials for quantification of myocardial perfusion. The purpose of this study was to assess inter- and intraobserver agreement of this method. Seventeen MRFP studies (14 rest and 3 under adenosine-induced hyperemia) from 14 patients were acquired. Two observers visually graded study(More)
An analysis of the kinetics of myocardial contrast enhancement is an important component of myocardial perfusion studies. The contrast enhancement can be modeled by a linear time-invariant system, and the myocardial impulse response, calculated by deconvolution of the measured tissue response with an arterial input, gives a direct estimate of myocardial(More)
BACKGROUND Recent developments in cardiac MRI have extended the potential spectrum of diagnostic and interventional applications. The purpose of this study was to test the ability of MRI to perform transcatheter closures of secundum type atrial septal defects (ASD) and to assess ASD size and changes in right cardiac chamber volumes in the same(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood obesity is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Although ventricular remodeling has been reported in obese youth, early tissue-level markers within the myocardium that precede organ-level alterations have not been described. METHODS AND RESULTS We studied 21 obese adolescents (mean age, 17.7±2.6 years;(More)
Web sites are now considered an extension of the entire business, not just an additional channel or storefront or a simple information portal for the company. Creating an effective web site that gives a positive overall experience to the customers and visitors is important in business today. Measuring the quality of web site from the users' perspective,(More)
Spin-echo echo planar (EP) perfusion weighted imaging (SE-PWI) has been demonstrated to be more selective than gradient-echo EP PWI for blood volume in microvessels the size of glioma neocapillaries, but it has not been comprehensively studied in human clinical use. We assessed whether SE-PWI before and after initiating chemoradiation can stratify patients(More)
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