Ravi Swami

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Acute (4 day) and short-term (7 day) toxicity studies (at 1/5th and 1/10th of LC(50)) of textile dye wastewaters and their selected ingredients (azo dye methyl red and heavy metals Cd, Cu, Ni and Zn) were made on a freshwater fish Gambusia affinis under laboratory conditions. LC(50) value was found to be the lowest in four cases, and the EC(50) value for(More)
CD40, an antigen-presenting cell expressed costimulatory receptor molecule, binds to T cell expressed CD40-ligand (CD40-L). Using a mouse tumor model, we showed previously that lower CD40/CD40-L expression levels promoted tumor growth whereas higher CD40/CD40-L expression levels led to tumor regression indicating duality in CD40 functions. Whether(More)
Occurrence of two distinct synchronous primary tumors is a rare event in children as well as in adults. Here, we report an extremely rare case of an infant found to have two synchronous Tumours namely clear cell sarcoma of kidney(CCSK) and differentiating neuroblastoma of preaortic region. To our knowledge, this may be the first case of synchronous CCSK and(More)
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