Ravi Srinivasan

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As infectious disease surveillance systems expand to include digital, crowd-sourced, and social network data, public health agencies are gaining unprecedented access to high-resolution data and have an opportunity to selectively monitor informative individuals. Contact networks, which are the webs of interaction through which diseases spread, determine(More)
Adapting legacy applications for use in a modern heterogeneous environment is a serious challenge for an industrial software vendor (ISV). The adaptation of the NUMECA FINE/Turbo computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver for accelerated CPU/GPU execution is presented. An incremental instrumentation with OpenACC directives has been used to obtain a global(More)
We establish nearly optimal rates of convergence to self-similar solutions of Smolu-chowski's coagulation equation with kernels K = 2, x + y, and xy. The method is a simple analogue of the Berry-Esséen theorems in classical probability and requires minimal assumptions on the initial data, namely that of an extra finite moment condition. For each kernel it(More)
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