Ravi Srinivasan

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Several methodological issues which impact experimental design and physiological interpretations in EEG coherence studies are considered, including reference electrode and volume conduction contributions to erroneous coherence estimates. A new measure, 'reduced coherency', is introduced as the difference between measured coherency and the coherency expected(More)
The spatial statistics of scalp electroencephalogram (EEG) are usually presented as coherence in individual frequency bands. These coherences result both from correlations among neocortical sources and volume conduction through the tissues of the head. The scalp EEG is spatially low-pass filtered by the poorly conducting skull, introducing artificial(More)
In binocular rivalry, the observer views two incongruent images, one through each eye, but is conscious of only one image at a time. The image that is perceptually dominant alternates every few seconds. We used this phenomenon to investigate neural correlates of conscious perception. We presented a red vertical grating to one eye and a blue horizontal(More)
Two different methods to improve the spatial resolution of EEG are discussed: the surface Laplacian (e.g., current source density) and cortical imaging (e.g., spatial deconvolution). The former methods tend to be independent of head volume conductor model, whereas the latter methods are more model-dependent. Computer simulation of scalp potentials due to(More)
  • R Srinivasan
  • Clinical neurophysiology : official journal of…
  • 1999
OBJECTIVE The maturation of the neocortex during childhood and adolescence involves dramatic increases in white-matter volume. EEG recordings from children and adults were examined to determine whether there are associated changes in spatial properties of dynamic processes in the neocortex. METHODS Spontaneous eyes-closed and eyes-open EEG were recorded(More)
BACKGROUND Foot infections are a frequent complication of patients with diabetes mellitus, accounting for up to 20% of diabetes-related hospital admissions. Infectious agents are associated with the worst outcomes, which may ultimately lead to amputation of the infected foot unless prompt treatment strategies are ensued. The present study sought to reveal(More)
In binocular rivalry, a subject views two incongruent stimuli through each eye but consciously perceives only one stimulus at a time, with a switch in perceptual dominance every few seconds. To investigate the neural correlates of perceptual dominance in humans, seven subjects were recorded with a 148-channel magnetoencephalography array while experiencing(More)
Needle-free liquid jet injectors were invented >50 years ago for the delivery of proteins and vaccines. Despite their long history, needle-free liquid jet injectors are not commonly used as a result of frequent pain and bruising. We hypothesized that pain and bruising originate from the deep penetration of the jets and can potentially be addressed by(More)
OBJECTIVE A concentric spheres model was used in an earlier paper to estimate the effects of volume conduction, reference electrode and spatial filtering on different EEG coherence measures. EEG data are used here to verify theoretical predictions. METHODS Three EEG data sets were: (1) 64 channel, recorded during 7 alternating periods of resting and(More)
BACKGROUND Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the neonate is important clinically, because this group of patients often has complex and multiple problems due to prematurity and developmental abnormalities. MR imaging usually involves moving neonates away from their controlled environment to the scanner. OBJECTIVE In this study we present the results of(More)