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In this work we develop strategies for mining telemetry streams in virtualized clusters to automatically discover relationships between sets of virtual machines. Examples of relationships include correlations between virtual machines, similarities in resource consumption patterns or dominant resources, and similarities in metric variations. The main(More)
With the growth Internet development cloud computing is novel technique to serve better and secure services. E-business is growing rapidly with the development of Internet. The cloud computing provides on demand self service methodology that authorizes users to request resources dynamically as a best benefit. The use of Cloud Computing is ahead reputation(More)
We present CCM (Cloud Capacity Manager) – a prototype system, and, methods for dynamically multiplex-ing the compute capacity of cloud datacenters at scales of thousands of machines, for diverse workloads with variable demands. This enables mitigation of resource consumption hotspots and handling unanticipated demand surges, leading to improved resource(More)
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