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With the ever-increasing cost for healthcare and increased health insurance premiums, there is a need for proactive healthcare and wellness. In addition, the new wave of digitizing medical records has seen a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. As a result, the healthcare industry is witnessing an increase in sheer volume of data in terms of(More)
The ability to monitor and predict in real-time the state of the transportation network is a valuable tool for both transportation administrators and travellers. While many solutions exist for this task, they are generally much more successful in recurrent scenarios than in non-recurrent ones. Paradoxically, it is in the latter case that such tools can make(More)
1 Though sufferers of peren­ nial allergic rhinitis do not die from their ailment, they endure years of chronic nose disease that takes its toll on sleep, social functioning, productivity and other aspects of their lives. The economic and so­ cial burden of this disease is quite high as its prevalence is around 30% in our population. 1 Health-related(More)
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