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Business organizations operating in highly dynamic environments need agile processes. Though existing IT infrastructure including enterprise systems have made business processes cost efficient, they pose a serious challenge to process agility. This paper analyses their impact on the firm's ability to build business process agility. Using a case study(More)
Agility has become a key organizational capability today as businesses face an uncertain and volatile environment. Enterprise systems, a key component of IT infrastructure in a majority of orrganizations today, have delivered cost efficiencies, control and consistent execution. Using a case study approach, this research reports on the investigation of the(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the impact of magnetic field inhomogeneity correction on achievable imaging speeds for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of articulating oropharyngeal structures during speech and to determine if sufficient acquisition speed is available for visualizing speech structures with real-time MRI. MATERIALS AND METHODS We designed a spiral(More)
It is well known that natural languages share certain aspects of their design. For example, across languages, syllables like blif are preferred to lbif. But whether language universals are myths or mentally active constraints-linguistic or otherwise-remains controversial. To address this question, we used fMRI to investigate brain response to four syllable(More)
BACKGROUND Childhood obesity is a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease in adulthood. Although ventricular remodeling has been reported in obese youth, early tissue-level markers within the myocardium that precede organ-level alterations have not been described. METHODS AND RESULTS We studied 21 obese adolescents (mean age, 17.7±2.6 years;(More)