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The Web, once solely a repository for text and images but now is evolving into an information provider as well as a tool to compute information. With this the internet computing will have a major role to play in the service oriented market places. Web Services are one of the fastest growing areas of information technology in recent years, also being a main(More)
This paper presents a proposal on design of a secure client on smart phone to monitor automotive sensor network. Recently, more and more vehicles, such as BMW X5, are connected from outside via smart phone [3]. From smart phone, users can use the internet resources in automotive. Users can monitor the automotives by using their smart phones. When the(More)
Injecting false data attack is a well-known serious threat to wireless sensor network, for which an adversary reports bogus information to sink causing error decision at upper level and energy waste in en-route nodes. In this paper, we propose a novel bandwidth-efficient cooperative authentication scheme for filtering injected false data. The proposed(More)
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