Ravi Raja Kumar

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The highly conserved 16S rRNA (rrs) gene is generally used for bacterial identification. In organisms possessing multiple copies of rrs, high intra-genomic heterogeneity does not allow easy distinction among different species. In order to identify Vibrio species, a wide range of genes have been employed. There is an urgent requirement of a consensus gene,(More)
The use of rrs (16S rRNA) gene is widely regarded as the “gold standard” for identifying bacteria and determining their phylogenetic relationships. Nevertheless, multiple copies of this gene in a genome is likely to give an overestimation of the bacterial diversity. In each of the 50 Streptococcus genomes (16 species, 50 strains), 4–7 copies of rrs are(More)
Bacterial identification using rrs (16S rRNA) gene is widely reported. Bacteria possessing multiple copies of rrs lead to overestimation of its diversity. Staphylococcus genomes carries 5–6 copies of rrs showing high similarity in their nucleotide sequences, which lead to ambiguous results. The genomes of 31 strains of Staphylococcus representing 7 species(More)
Semiblind channel estimation method provides the best trade-off in terms of bandwidth overhead, computational complexity and latency. The result after using multiple input multiple output (MIMO) systems shows higher data rate and longer transmit range without any requirement for additional bandwidth or transmit power. This paper presents the detailed(More)
In an era of high-throughput sequencing, drilling of biological data to extract hidden valued information plays an important role in making critical decisions across every branch of science, whether it is genomics or proteomics or metabolomics or personal medicine. For example, the genome sequence of the patients contains much valuable information about the(More)
We consider the problem of service rate control of a single server queueing system when the arrival process is governed by a finite-state Markov-modulated Poisson process. There are two main technical contributions. First, in keeping with intuition, we show that the optimal service rate is non-decreasing in the number of customers in the system. That is,(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess submental route intubation as an alternative technique to a tracheostomy in the management of the airway in cranio-maxillofacial trauma, along with an assessment of its morbidity and complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS Submental intubation was performed in 17 patients who had maxillofacial panfacial trauma and management was done(More)
BACKGROUND There are key gaps in the production and dissemination of evidence-based tobacco control research in developing countries. In India, limited research has been made to address and understand the function, constitution, thematic areas of research of a research and practice network in tobacco control. This study aimed to identify priority areas that(More)
Materials used in neurosurgery to achieve hemostasis may be of resorbable or nonresorbable substance and may cause foreign body granuloma if left at the operative site. Foreign body granuloma depending on clinical history may be indistinguishable from an abscess, resolving infarction, and hematoma. Here we present two cases, who had decompressive(More)
The purpose of this study was to compute T2 values and magnetization transfer (MT) ratios in the perilesional region of healing and healed cysticercus granulomas to determine if there are T2 abnormalities not apparent on conventional T2-weighted imaging and to determine the relationship between seizure control and the quantitative measures. Sixty-three(More)