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Active control of thermoacoustic instability has been increasingly sought after in the past two decades to suppress pressure oscillations while maintaining other performance objectives such as low NO x emission, high efficiency and power density. Recently, we have developed a feedback model of a premixed laminar combustor which captures several dominant(More)
Emergmg military aerospace system operational goals, such as autonomy, will require advanced safety-critical control systems consisting of unconventional requirements, system architectures, software algorithms, and hardware implementations. These emerging control systems will significantly challenge current verification and vaUdation (V&V) processes, tools,(More)
This study deals with the development of vision for vehicle and driver to prevent problems for both vehicle and driver while driving. Wireless communication in car is the booming field of Network communication. An Head-up-Display is developed for calculating the car strategies which help in maintenance and life time of the car to analyze the system with the(More)
—This system mainly focuses on Designing and Implementation of Security System for a family card using fingerprint that has been used to the Civil Supply Corporation. In recent scenarios, all public and private sectors using smart card systems to provide security.Still, it is not up to the security level, this system overcomes that problem by using(More)
— this paper presents a multilevel inverter model working in H-bridge topology. The multilevel model comprises of several H-bridge models consisting of MOSFET/IGBT that are cascaded to get desired number of levels. The inverter is fed from existing AC supply which is rectified and fed to inverter. The inverter is controlled using PWM technique. This model(More)
Acknowledgements This work, in its present form would not have been possible without the kind support and help from many individuals. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this thesis. I owe my sincere thanks to my advisors, Dr. without whom this work would not have been(More)
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