Ravi Prakash Gupta

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Many parts of the world with young mountain chains, such as the Himalayas, are highly susceptible to landslides. Due to general ruggedness and steep slopes, roads provide the only way of transportation and connectivity in such terrains. Generally, landslide hazards are overlooked during route planning. In this study, in a test area in the Himalayas, various(More)
OpenStack, a cloud operating system which is open source, is enable to build public and private clouds. OpenStack rely on virtualization techniques offered by different vendors through their virtualization software. VMware, Citrix and Microsoft are primary vendors for such hypervisors. There are several Open Source hypervisors like KVM, Oracle's Virtual box(More)
  • Jaya Tahil Jeswani, James Jacob Kurian, John Rose Santiago, Vamsi Krishna Pelluru, Urmila R. Pol, Rohit Kamboj +14 others
  • 2016
OpenStack is an open source cloud platform created by Rackspace Hosting and NASA. It is primarily used for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) deployments. IaaS deployments deal with physical/infrastructural aspects of the virtualization provided by cloud which signifies – storage, computing power, Random Access Memory (RAM) for efficient utilization of(More)
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