Ravi Panwar

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The development of thin microwave absorber coatings that operates for a wide range of frequencies is still a challenging task. This work presents a technique of blending a fractal frequency selective surface (FSS) with single- and double-layer coatings. These coatings are comprised of well-optimized micrometer-sized (80-90 μm) and nano-sized (20-30(More)
The thermal stability of amorphous MoN & WN thin films was investigated against Cu diffusion. The MoN & WN layers were reactively sputtered of 50 nm by using a different nitrogen flow rates. The phase identification was evaluated by X-ray diffractometer (XRD), four probe method and scanning electron microscope (SEM). Results indicate that the amorphous 50(More)
A thin radar wave absorber with wide bandwidth corresponding to reflection loss (RL) ≤ -10.0 dB is still very challenging job for researchers till date. In this paper, design of Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) loaded over single layer absorber is carried out with the help of Ansoft HFSS simulation tool. Copper and cobalt doped barium hexaferrite(More)
The main aim of this study is to develop an cost effective microwave absorber that can provide wide absorption bandwidth (RL ≤ -10 dB) with less coating thickness (i.e., ≤ 2.0 mm). To achieve this, an electronic waste composite based microwave absorber blended with fractal frequency selective surface (FSS) is presented. The disassembled(More)
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