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This paper presents the machine translation system (MTS) which is based on the concept of self learning of semantically correct corpus using pattern recognition. The self learning process using pattern recognition is based on Quantum Neural Network (QNN). This is a novel and new approach to recognize and learn the corpus pattern using QNN. The paper(More)
This paper presents the machine learning based machine translation system for Hindi to English, which learns the semantically correct corpus. The quantum neural based pattern recognizer is used to recognize and learn the pattern of corpus, using the information of part of speech of individual word in the corpus, like a human. The system performs the machine(More)
The parts of speech disambiguation in corpora is most challenging area in Natural Language Processing. However, someworkshave been done in the past to overcome the problem of bilingual corpora disambiguation forHindi using Hidden Markov Model and Neural Network. In this paper,Quantum Neural Network (QNN) forHindi parts of speech tagger has been used.To(More)
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