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We have tested the reliability of a large collection of basic UNIX utility programs, X-Window applications and servers, and network services. We used a simple testing method of subjecting these programs to a random input stream. Our testing methods and tools are largely automatic and simple to use. We tested programs on nine versions of the UNIX operating(More)
PURPOSE To standardize the indications, techniques, multimodality treatment approaches, and dosimetry to be used for yttrium-90 (Y90) microsphere hepatic brachytherapy. METHODS AND MATERIALS Members of the Radioembolization Brachytherapy Oncology Consortium met as an independent group of experts in interventional radiology, radiation oncology, nuclear(More)
XML is here as the internet standard for information exchange among e-businesses and applications. With its dramatic adoption and its ability to model structured, unstructured and semi-structured data, XML has the potential of becoming the data model for internet data. In the recent years, Oracle has evolved its DBMS to support complex, struc-tured, and(More)
Extensible Indexing is a SQL-based framework that allows users to define domain-specific indexing schemes, and integrate them into the Oracle8i server. Users register a new indexing scheme, the set of related operators, and additional properties through SQL data definition language extensions. The implementation for an indexing scheme is provided as a set(More)
XML is being increasingly used in diverse domains ranging from data and application integration to content management. Oracle provides an enterprise wide platform for managing all types of XML content. Within the Oracle database and the application server, the XML content can be efficiently stored using a variety of storage and indexing methods and it can(More)