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The present experiment was designed to study the 2.45 GHz low-level microwave (MW) irradiation-induced stress response and its effect on implantation or pregnancy in female mice. Twelve-week-old mice were exposed to MW radiation (continuous wave for 2 h/day for 45 days, frequency 2.45 GHz, power density=0.033549 mW/cm(2), and specific absorption(More)
—Present study examines biological effects of 2.45 GHz microwave radiation in Parkes strain mice. Forty-day-old mice were exposed to CW (continuous wave) microwave radiation (2 h/day for 30 days). Locomotor activity was recorded on running wheel for 12 days prior to microwave exposure (pre-exposure), 7 days during the first week of exposure (short-term(More)
—The group velocity dispersion (GVD) imposes severe limit on information carrying capacity of optical communication systems. By choosing appropriate pulse shape highly stable light pulses known as solitons are generated when effect of GVD is balanced by self-phase modulation (SPM). The application of solitons in communication systems opens the way to(More)
Raman amplifier characteristics shows the coupling of signal power and pump power using propagation coupled equation in forward direction using MATLAB environment. The calculation of propagation coupled equation with and without amplified spontaneous emission in a single-mode fiber at wavelength of 850nm.
Analysis of strip excited triangular shape dielectric resonator antenna (TDRA) using Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) numerical technique is presented. The calculated values of resonant frequencies using FDTD method have been compared with predicted resonant frequencies values using Dielectric Waveguide Method. The numerical and theoretical results are(More)
— A parametric study and simulation of wide-band orthogonally slit cut annular ring microstrip antenna (SC-ARMSA) fed by an L-shaped probe is investigated using Modal expansion cavity model and circuit theory concept. The radiating patch is located about 8mm (~0.1λ) above the ground plane. The broadband characteristic of antenna is achieved by employing a(More)
—In this paper, the simulation and experimental studies of SAR distribution in a bio-medium situated very close to a rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (RDRA) in C-band of microwave frequencies are reported. The simulation study has been carried out using CST Microwave Studio simulation software. The experimental distribution has been obtained using(More)